What's this blog ?

Okay, I already see the questions coming :

  • a. What’s this blog ?
  • b. Why not using Wordpress like everyone else ?
  • c. What more does it have ?
  • d. Obi-Wan Kenobi ?

So :

  • a. I’m using Chronicle to power this blog.
  • b. Because I was looking for something clean, simple and efficient, because I want to be able to edit every entry by hand, using either a simple nano by ssh or a subversion repository.
  • c. No database.
  • d. Yup !

To post articles to this blog, I rely on two systems : A text editor and Subversion. Simple, efficient, flexible. The only thing I have to do is type in any text editor and then commit the file. The script will compile the blog just after the commit and Magic involved publish it.

Anything else ?